2023Meet Malaysia! @TokoNatsu Land

Meet Malaysia! @Tokorozawa
“Toko-Natsu Land”

This year, Tokorozawa Ginza Cooperative is holding special events with the cooperation of the Malaysia Embassy

Do you find it difficult to travel abroad? Here’s some good news for you!

This summer, we are holding some events where you can easily interact with Malaysia, the “land with everlasting summer” in “Toko-Natsu Land”, with the cooperation of the Malaysia Embassy!

“Toko-Natsu Land” is Summur Festival, held by Tokorozawa Ginza Cooperative.
It will be 14th this year.

“Wakuwaku Toko-Natsu Land” will be held at Motomachi Community Square on Saturday, August 26th and Sunday, August 27th.

Local gourmet and Malaysian Durian

Tokorozawa City Mayor Masato Fujimoto will talk about LOCAL FOODS with Embassy of Malaysia.

DATE: SUN August 27th 2023
TIME: 19:00-19:30
Where: Motomachi Community Square
27-5, Moto-machi, Tokorozawa City, SAITAMA

We are looking forward to see you at the “Wakuwaku Toko-Natsu Land”.




Digest video of “Malaysia fair in TOKYO”, which was held in 2019

Do you know Malaysia?


Population: 320 million
Land area: Approx. 330,000 sq. meters (Almost as big as Japan’s Honshu + Hokkaido!)

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, with approximately 69% Malay, 23% Chinese, and 7% Indian, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is undergoing modernization.
Diplomatic relations between Japan and Malaysia celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2017.

Popular country for the Japanese! 

This remarkable edifice, built in 1897, was named after the State Ruler and served as the government administration building during the British era. Boasting a Mahometan or Neo-Saracenic style, the building is constructed entirely of brick. It was the largest building of its day and was said to be the finest in the Malay states.



Malaysia is a popular tourist destination among the Japanese. It is also known for its many UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Lenggong Valley, George Town, Malacca, Kinabalu National Park, and Gnom Mulu National Park.
Malaysia also ranks high on the list of “countries to which people want to move”  for the Japanese people.

Check out Malaysian foods!


Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country with diverse food culture. Malay food, Chinese food, Indonesian food, etc… Satay, nasi goreng, chicken curry, and tandoori chicken are also popular dishes among the Japanese.
Tropical fruits are also unique to Malaysia. Among them, durian is called the “king of fruits. Durian is a very nutritious fruit and is said to be rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B1, minerals, iron, and potassium, making it the perfect fruit for relieving summer fatigue and exhaustion.


Following videos are provided by the Malaysia Embassy.
Check out to learn more about Durian! (Video contents are Japanese)

“What is Durians?”  You must love Durians!

How to eat frozen Drian!

Perfect Fruits, Durian!

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